loving what you do

Out of all of the things I am aiming for in my life, doing something I love is high on the list. I don’t want to go through the next (at least) half of my working life unexcited. This was really brought home to me today, reading a news story about a 102-year-old researcher (not a typo, 102 and still going to the office four times a week) who was asked by his university to start working from home.

This story, while sad, was both inspiring and a timely warning for someone working out what it means to be a grown up. This dedicated man obviously found his passion. It still excites him so much that he’s willing to commute 90 minutes just to get to his office and talk to his colleagues! Honestly, I’ve loved working with some of the people in my various jobs but I have to admit, one thing I love about my regional city is the fact that nowhere is a 90 minute commute. I did once commute regularly to our capital city and that amount of time travelling just to get to work, that has no place in my grown up life. (Somewhere down the track this might require some compromises and planning.)

But back to the news story. The warning here is just as big as the inspiration because for this gentleman, work is still the centre of his life and he’ll obviously be lost without his workplace.

This is a big growing up lesson: work at something you’re passionate about but make sure you have other passions as well, just in case you too are asked not to come into the office any more.

You can read the original news story on ABC here.