So today, I should have been brave and I wasn’t. We’re not talking “stop the runaway bus” brave here, just your every day garden variety brave.

Today I was working a second job (a very infrequent one with people I hardly ever see) and because I didn’t want to disagree with those fleeting colleagues in front of a customer, I let some of them sell someone something that didn’t meet all their (the customer’s) requirements. As I said, it was a small thing but even now, hours later, I know I should have been braver. Calmly walking over and pointing out the shortcoming of the purchase might have stopped it. Or it might not, the shortcoming might not have been the reasonably-sized-deal I thought it was.

Things all worked out in the end, as the temporary colleagues helped the purchaser so they could still use the purchase (sorry for being so vague) but still I should have been brave.

Bravery and doing what you know to be right, no matter how small a matter, is a sign of a grown up.  I can’t go back and have a do over of today but I can make sure that next time, I’m brave.

I can do this.




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