i made some changes

2017 has been a big year. I’ve changed jobs. I’ve changed cities. I’m trying to change me; it’s not going so well.

While all the changes have been stressful and I’m not sure that I fit in with the new job or the new city, I find that in the middle of what feels like a zillion people, I’ve found space. It’s been a few months and what this space has given me is the knowledge of how very lost I’ve become. I’m on the verge of not being mentally exhausted every day and I swear, it’s helped my eyesight. I might not be quite sure about what/who I want in my life but every day I add at least one little item to the list of things with which I’m no longer cool. Progress is being made.

I still can’t see the full path ahead but if I look back, I can see a few of my footprints in the dust. After so many years of not being sure where I’m from and definitely no idea of where I’m going, I begin to see a track through the weeds, a few flashes of fireworks, a glimpse of green branches and blue skies.

I can do this.